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Before visiting Peru, you should take note of some the things mentioned below.

Many streets numbers are followed by “s/n.” This notation means sin numero (without a number), for buildings that don’t have a number.

Internet Access
Internet access is easy and cheap. Throughout the country you’ll find Internet cafes charging as little as 1 to 2 nuevos soles per hour to get online. Just look for Internet signs. Online access in the hotels can be expensive, especially in higher-price business hotels, some of which offer Wi-Fi.

The post office is privately run by Serpost ( it’s reliable but pricey, mailing a postcard anywhere in the world costs 5 nuevos soles. Post offices (correos) are found in every town and postcards are sold by vendors near the entrance.

Public telephones work with coins and cards however using cards require lots of dialing. To make a phone call, 1 sol would be enough. Electronic chip cards are really hard to find in this country, so take the precautions. Peru’s country code is 51. If calling from abroad, dial the international access code followed by the area code with the 0, followed by the number. Peruvian numbers have 7 digits in Lima, 6 digits outside of Lima and 9 digits (all beginning with 9) for cell phones. The cell phone system changed in mid 2008, so you may find older brochures, books, etc; with seven-digit cell numbers. They won’t work.
Ask locally-there’s a somewhat complicated system for adding digits to a seven-digit cell phone number to a working nine-digit number.

Peru uses metric system. The main exception is gasoline which is dispensed in U.S gallons.

Peru uses 220 volts, 60 cycles AC, except Arequipa which is on 50 cycles. The major hotels provide 110-volt outlets in bathrooms for the use of shavers only.

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