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complete Tour to the jungle - 8 days

Day 1: Cusco - Clouds Forest

At 07:00 am. Pick up from your hotel and leave the city of Cusco early in the morning by bus. Approximately mid-morning, we visit the interesting tombs of Ninamarca, commonly known as Chullpas. We continue to the picturesque town of Paucartambo, and on toward the Acjanacu Pass, which marks the beginning of the Cultural Zone of Manu Biosphere Reserve. Here a thick cloak of clouds provides perpetual humidity and makes an ideal habitat for epiphytic plants such as bromeliads. This varied and fascinating world is home of the Cock of the Rock, The Spectacled Bear, orchids, tree ferns, mosses and lichens. This cloud forest exists between 2000 and 3000 meters above sea level and at least 50 % of the plant species found here are endemic to this region. We camp our first night in this high forest.

Day 2: Clouds Forest - Rio Alto Madre De Dios

We wake up very early in the morning (Approximately 5Am) to observe the Cock of the Rock (Rupicola Peruviana), the Peruvian national bird. Many several dozen males, who are vibrant orange reddish, come together in an exhibition of mating ritual dance in a place called Leek. The males display their crest, showing off and posturing for the females. The females, fewer in number, watch to select the most suitable male. After breakfast we continue by bus down the narrow road between waterfalls and canyons toward the town of Atalaya. Here we board our motorized canoe and head down the Alto Madre de Dios River, where we will camp on the beach.

Day 3: Alto Madre De Dios River - Limonal

After breakfast we board our canoe for the four hour trip down the Alto Madre de Dios River to Boca Manu, a small village where you can buy your last fresh food supplies and cold drinks before setting off again in the canoe. Now we enter the Manu River and the Reserve Zone, stopping at Limonal where we camp along the river bank at the Park Rangers Headquarters.

Day 4: Limonal - Lake Salvador

After an early morning breakfast at Limonal and signing our names in the official tourist logbook, we follow the Manu River until we arrive at our campsite at Salvador Lake. This canoe ride gives us the opportunity to observe the immensity of the rainforest, the diversity of bird life and reptiles and mammals sunning themselves on beaches, or foraging for food in the trees lining the riverbanks. Arriving early afternoon we have lunch and set off on a jungle trail. Here we spend time looking for wildlife inside the rainforest and on the oxbow Lake Salvador. As the sun goes down, we return to camp.

Day 5: Lake Salvador

You rise early in the morning as the forest is awakened by the Red Howler Monkeys (Aloatta seniculus) declaring territory. A morning walk before breakfast is a great way to catch wildlife in the pursuit of food and the temperature is very pleasant at this time of day. After relaxing or swimming in the river we have lunch. Following lunch we cross the river to walk the 8km trail to the oxbow Lake Otorongo. Here a strategically located observation tower rises 15 meters above the lake and jungle floor, giving us more chances to observe wildlife such as the Giant Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis), an endangered species. Late afternoon the Black Caiman rises from the depths of the lake and begin their search for prey. With the help of flashlights we can observe them at night in the lakes and river. We return to camp at Salvador Lake.

Day 6: Lake Slavador - Blanquillo

Once again we wake up early, enjoy a brief morning walk eat a relaxing breakfast and then we pack up camp and descend Manu River, arriving at Boca Manu around midday. Following lunch, we descend the Madre de Dios river for three hours to Blanquillo, where we set up camp on the lodge grounds. After a swim in the river we can set off for a short walk to Cocha Blanquillo, returning to the campsite at dusk.

Day 7: Blanquillo - Alto Madre De Dios River

After a very early wake-up, we board a camouflaged catamaran down the river at the Collpa, Macaw Lick. We quietly observe the various parrots feeding on the clay for mineral and salt supplements to their diet of seeds and fruits. The brightly colored macaws usually wait patiently in the surroundings trees until the smaller parrot species have left the area. Slowly, the macaws come down to the clay wall to feed. We must be very patient and silent on the catamaran so as not to disturb them as they eat the clay. Around mid morning, we board our canoe and return to the airstrip at Boca Manu. Following lunch, we continue up Alto Madre de Dios River to camp on a Cultural Zone.

Day 8: Alto Madre Dedios River - Cusco

Waking up very early we continue the trip by boat to Atalaya, where we board the bus and drive back up and out of Manu, arriving in Cusco the next morning.


  1. Professional and resident biologist tour guide
  2. Round trip Overland transfer
  3. First aid kit
  4. Double tents
  5. Sleeping mattress
  6. Dining tent
  7. Cooking tent
  8. All Meals and water at the jungle
  9. River transportation
  10. Entrance fees to the reserve
  11. Paperwork and Payment for the Park Permits


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