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Biking and trekking in colca CANYON - a 4 day tour

First Day: Arequipa - Patapampa - Chivay(Colca)

We pick you up at 7 am, and then we travel for about 3 hours, on the way you will see Chachani volcano and some vicuñas grazing. Around 10 we arrive to Patapampa(4950m or 16240 feet), and from here we do some on-road downhill towards Chivay (3600m or 11811 feet), if you want you can stop on the way to buy souvenirs. At 1pm we go to the Buffete restaurant in which you can try traditional food. After that we can go to "la Calera Hot Springs" by bike or by the 4WD, is just 3 kilometers(1.8 miles) At 7pm we go for dinner, in the restaurant you will enjoy a folkloric show while you eat.

Patapampa - colca canyon - Ice on the way

Second Day: Chivay - Condor Cross Viewpoint - Cabanaconde - Llahuar

At 6am after breakfast,we pack everything and travel for about 2 hours to Condor Cross Viewpoint, place in which you can appreciate the condors flying around for about an hour. Then  we ride our bikes and go to Cabanaconde(3280m or 10761 feet). Right after we do some Downhill to Soro(2000m or  6561 feet). and from here starts  a one -hour trekking to Llahuar  going over a hunging bridge, narrow and rocky paths and  through a cactus forest . Once in llahuar you can enjoy the Hot Springs closed to the river.

Third Day : Llahuar - Paclla(cactus forest)- Sangalle(or Oasis)

At 6am you will have breakfast. Around 7 you will be going to Paclla, on the way up you will see lots of cactus, this place is really quiet..
After a 6 hour trek you will be at Sangalle(Oasis) where you can rest or swim in the poosl (cold underground water). You will have lunch in the middle of nature and between two huge rock walls.
At night you will have dinner, if possible you can enjoy a camp fire.You will stay in bungalows.

catus forest pacllia colca canyonoasis sangalle in colca canyon

Fourth Day: Sangalle - Cabanaconde - Condor Cross View Point - Chivay - Arequipa

At 5 am you will be walking up to Cabanaconde for about 3 hours. Ince ther you will have breakfast. After that you will be going to Condor Cross View point by 4WD or by bike(depends on you). once at the view point you can spend 1 hour looking at this amazing bird. After that you will be going back to Chivay for buffete lunch. If you want you can go to the hot springs once more. And after that you will be going back to Arequipa, it takes 3 hours. And that will be the end of a fantastic adventures.

Colca canyon malata and cosnirgua background

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1. Private 4WD, whole trip

2. English Speaking guide

3. Mountain bikes in maintenace (disc brakes, aluminum frames, shimano parts, and good suspension).

4. Gloves; windproof and full-finger gloves

5. Helmet, knee and elbow pads.

6. Snack, plenty of drinking water. 3 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 3 dinners.

7. First aid kit

8. Repair Kit, just in case.

9. Entrance tickets to Colca Canyon(Some Tour operators don't include it)

10. Entrance tickets for the Hot Springs.

11. First night in a basic hotel. Second and third night in a small bungalow


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