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About arequipa

Arequipa is well known as the white city beacuse most of the traditional buildings are made of "sillar", which is a kind of brick made from volcanic lava. These bricks are gotten in some quarryes and this lava is from a explotion of Chachani Volcano, which according to experts is still active.

Well, Arequipa or AQP(short name) has 3 volcanoes around:

Chachani: which is 6075 m or 19931 feet high, is consider as the easiest to climb(in he group of mountains that are 6000 m or higher), this is ideal to to climb(possible in 1 or 2 days) and for Mountain bike riding(downhill in 1 day). Its name is a quechua word that means "Courageous"

Misti: which is 5825 m or 19110 feet high, is Arequipa's icon. This a place on which you can aldo do climbing(1 or 2days) and Downhill by bike(half day). This volcano is active. Its name is a quechua word that means "Lord"

Pichu Pichu: which is 5640 m or 18503 feet high. The name means peak peak beacuse of the many peaks it has, this volcano is not active.

The weather in Arequipa is sunny from March to December(fall, winter and spring) and in January and February is rainy(summer)

In Arequipa you can do different things from just walking to visit churches and monasteries to rafting, downhill, climbing, trekking and more.

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