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Ampato Mountain climbing - 4 days
Ampato was consider as Sacred for the Incas. By 1995 Johan Reinhard found Juantita which is a frozen body, so called mummy of Ampato. Now you have the option to be there

First day: Arequipa - First base camp(4800m)

At 7 am we pick you up from the hotel, and then we travel for about 5 hours towards Sallalli, part of this trip will be off-road. Then you will go to the First Base Camp which is located at 4800 meters above sea level.

We set tents and camp there.

Second Day: Second base Camp (5400m)

At 7 in the morming we wake up and have breakfast. Then we start walking to the second base camp whichis at 5400 meters above sea level, this could take around 5 hours. you will have plenty of time to take pictures and rest for the next day.

Third Day: Summit (6380 m.a.s.l or 20931 ft ) - First base Camp

At 3 in the morming we wake up and have breakfast.We take our climbing equipment and start going to the summit which is at 6380 meters above sea level, this could take around 6 hours. Once at the top you will have time to see other mountains like Sabancaya, Hualca Hualca and of course part of Colca Valley. After some time spent there you will walk for about 4 hours to get the first base camp. Camping there.

Fourth Day: First Base Camp - Arequipa or other destination

At a previously arranged time you will get ready to go back to the place you started, the car will be waiting for you. Then you will travel back to Arequipa( 5 hours or so)

Optional: Instead of gong back to Arequipa you can keep travelling to Colca Canyon, or to Puno. Feel free to ask about this.


1. Guide

2. 4WD

3. Camping Gear(Tent , sleeping bags, mattreses)

4. Food and snacks on the mountain

5. Porters to carry food and extra equipment)

6. Climbing gear (crampons , ice axe, rope)

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Best season for Climbing : From March to November. On the other months it could be rainy or snowy.

What you need to do this:

Waterproof boots, headlamp, walking sticks, backpack(70 liters is enough), warm and waterproof clothes, camera


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